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Women’s Health Night

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OhmFit is excited to participate in the Illinois Heart & Lung Foundation’s 19th Annual Women’s Health Night on Tuesday, April 25 at the Illinois Weslyan Shirk Center. There will be free health screenings and booths from various health vendors who are dedicated to promoting and educating you about living a healthy lifestyle, making smart healthcare choices, and social issues within our community. You can take a sampling of our awesome active wear and play plinko for prizes!

Jackie Joyner Kersee, who was named the Greatest Female Athlete of the 20th Century by Sports Illustrated, will serve as the keynote speaker. Despite her diagnosis of severe asthma when she was 18, Jackie has won six Olympic medals and four World Champion Titles throughout her career as a professional athlete. She will share her inspiring story of overcoming adversity and will also lead the warm-up for the Fun Run/Walk. This event is all about remaining healthy and active, and we would love for you to be a part of the movement for women’s wellness!

jackiejoynerkerseeEvent schedule:

3:00 pm The doors will open
5:45 pm Presentation of the Nursing Scholarship
6:00 pm Keynote Speaker
7:00 pm Fun Run/Walk on the outside track

To learn more info about this event visit:

-Tamia Little
OFA Marketing Associate

Ladies Luncheon & Style Show

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We are excited to present some of our apparel in the Ladies Luncheon & Style Show on Friday April 7th to benefit the Children’s Discovery Museum (CDM)! This event will be held at the Marriott Hotel in the Conference Center Ballroom where you can shop a variety of boutique vendors from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm (the luncheon and style show begin at 12:00 pm). Tickets have sold out, but don’t worry because we will share our outfits live with our OhmFit family on Facebook!

Gina Mandros, the Director of our local Easterseals and a member of the CDM Foundation Board, will be our runway model. As a mother of two who is enthusiastic about fitness and dedicated to serving our community, Gina embodies woman power, so we are thrilled to have her as the face of our brand. We chatted with Gina about juggling her family and business lives, remaining physically active, and some of the work that she has done within the BloNo community.

In regards to finding the correspondence between being a wife, mother, and an executive, Gina states, “Someone recently told me that there is no such thing as “work / life balance”. Instead, we should be working to achieve “work / life harmony”. That struck me as incredibly relative to my life stage at this moment. With a full-time job, a wonderful husband and two awesome kids, plus several community extracurriculars, I find the days start to blend together, never creating a balance. So instead, I have been trying to find harmony in all things that I do and staying active is a key component to this.” She goes on to express that fitness provides her with energy, mental rest, and confidence within herself. Gina finds that strength and health are two components of her life that she has full control over and can improve on with practice and determination.

She gave us insight into the evolution of her workout regimen, stating “I spend my weeks dividing my time between the road (or dreaded treadmill) trying to run a specific pace and The Pit at Four Seasons Health Club, working on strength, performance and technique. I get the most satisfaction out of my workouts at The Pit. Every day that I go there, I walk away feeling as if I can take on the world! Because I just lifted A TON OF WEIGHT (not really) but in my mind – that’s what it feels like. My experience at The Pit this past year has given me the confidence to take on anything – so I’ve actively been seeking sporting or athletic opportunities to keep building my mind, body and soul. I recently took up tennis lessons, a sport I’ve always been interested in but too afraid to try. Why not? What have I got to lose? Doing the same old thing (running), plus something to improve myself (strength training) plus something I’m afraid to do (tennis) allows me to wake up every morning ready to take on the chaos of getting 2 kids dressed, fed, to daycare, then to work and hopefully empowering those around me to change the lives of children with disabilities. At the end of the day, my fitness regime makes me feel as if I am the best possible woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and community member that I can be – while never achieving perfect harmony, I know this life is the best one I could ever ask for!”

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-Tamia Little
OFA Marketing Associate

Yoga, Sip, Shop, to Benefit WishBone Canine Rescue

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Join us on April 1st from 5:30 to 8:00 for another Yoga, Sip, Shop, event! In the same fashion as last time, we will begin the evening with a beginner friendly, gentle flow yoga class at Uptown Dance, which will be led by Brittany McCreedy. Please bring your yoga mat to class. After that, we will head to OhmFit Activewear for sips, snacks, and of course shopping. Admission is $10 per person, and a portion of the day’s proceeds will benefit WishBone Canine Rescue (WBCR). You can purchase tickets online with a credit card or in-store with cash or a check.

At OhmFit, not only are we dedicated to serving our customers, we are also committed to giving back to our community. We were blessed to be able to support the Central Illinois Easter Seals earlier this month at our last event with Uptown Dance, but the giving doesn’t stop there!

WishBone isn’t your typical animal shelter. This non-profit organization advocates for a No Kill McLean County, welcomes dogs with severe medical and behavioral issues, and supplies them with the medical care, training, and rehabilitation they need. Heather adopted her dog from WishBone in 2013, so this organization has a special place in her heart.

I got to speak with Andrea Cardinal, WCBR’s office manager, who started as a volunteer for the organization in 2014 helping with laundry, vet days, and adoption events. She quickly became a foster parent, and then a foster failure as she calls it, due to officially adopting her first two foster dogs. Becoming an employee was the natural next step, as she grew an attachment to both the animals and the cause of the organization. She states, “What first brought me to Wish Bone was the fact that we are a no kill shelter and we do not discriminate based on breed, age, or health status. We believe that there is a home out there for every dog. We have found homes for over 4,000 dogs since our founding in 2009!” They also provide a low cost spay and neuter program for cats and dogs, host bi-monthly pet food pantries, as well as a low cost vaccination and microchip clinic. WBCR’s efforts aid families that may face the difficult decision of surrendering their animals due to lack of funds, and assist dogs in finding their forever homes.

Andrea goes on to express, “We are a privately funded shelter, so every bit of our money comes from adoption fees, grants, donations and fundraisers like this one to help keep our organization in business.  We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of this great community.  An operation like this takes dozens of people, mainly volunteers, to keep everything running smoothly.

There are opportunities to help from home, as well as hands on.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or a doggy foster parent for our organization, please check out our website at for a full list of ways to get involved!”

To purchase your Yoga. Sip. Shop. tickets visit

-Tamia Little
OFA Marketing Associate

Uptown Covered in Chocolate

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Mark your calendars for cheat day because the 3rd annual Uptown Covered in Chocolate is this Thursday from 4:00 to 7:00! Lizzy Seltzer along with handmade sweet treats from her bakery Cake Balls by: Lizzy will be at OFA. We will be offering delicious cake ball samples, champagne, a sale rack stocked with active wear essentials, as well as our limited time sports bra trunk show. Many shops and eateries in the area will also be offering complimentary sips, snacks, and sales, so join us in supporting small businesses within our community for tasty treats and a dose of retail therapy!

To connect with Lizzy and learn more about her bakery visit:

-Tamia Little
OFA Marketing Associate

The Yoga Studio

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Yoga is not limited to asanas (yoga poses). It is a way of life that can help us harmonize and balance our body, mind, and spirit. Whether you are looking to increase your strength and flexibility, lose weight, relax, or become an all around healthier being, yoga can help you reach your goal. The Yoga Studio in Bloomington will be providing the perfect opportunity for you to get your feet wet or to continue to evolve in your practice with their free yoga classes that will be held on January 28th and 29th.

Sheri McCloskey, the owner, has been teaching within the BloNo yoga community for several years. Her dream of creating a space solely dedicated to this practice where yogis can feel comfortable, safe, and free from judgement has finally come to fruition, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to enjoy a free Yoga Studio experience.

When asked about her desire to start this establishment, Sheri stated, “There’s one simple reason I’m opening my studio: to get more people to do yoga. We live in a 24/7 connected world and rarely have enough time to pause and get in touch with ourselves. Some people think they can’t do yoga because they’re not flexible, athletic, or calm enough. Guess what? Yoga is literally for everyone. Leave your preconceived ideas at the door. Yoga can be loud, quiet, fun, serious, physical, or contemplative.” Sheri offers a variety of classes to meet your yogi needs, including “a boot camp class for those that want to get physical, a movement and meditation class for those that want to pause and reconnect with themselves, and a warm vinyasa flow that provides a fun and effective blend of the two.”

The regular schedule will begin on January 30th. You can visit the site to view the weekly schedule, pricing, and learn more about the teachers, as well as workshops and events held at the studio. You owe it to yourself to tend to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs, so take advantage of this opportunity and give yoga a try. Immerse yourself in the continuous process that is yoga, and keep in mind that the deeper you move into your practice, the greater its benefits are.

To connect with Sheri visit:
To learn more about the Yoga Studio visit:
-Tamia Little
OFA Marketing Associate