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OhmFit is excited to add Nuu Muu dresses to our fabulous selection of quality activewear.

A Nuu-Muu is an exercise-and-everything-else dress, designed to flatter real women’s bodies. Women wear Nuu-Muus for exercise, travel, beach covers and dinner dates. Their best feature is their flexibility to do whatever a girl wants to do and look great while doing it.

Is anything built in?
There is nothing built in, so you get to choose your favorite undergarments. This allows for individualized levels of support and maximum versatility.

What goes under?
Bike shorts, running tights, yoga pants, swimsuits, jeans…. ANYTHING you want. Pick your most comfortable booty covers – all anyone will notice is your dress.

What size am I?
Our sizing is designed for real women’s bodies. If you are particularly full-chested, we recommend going up one size.